• Joe Witherspoon

Airstream Basecamp RV Rental

Our Airstream Basecamp trailers are our most popular rental. Compact, full featured and wonderful styling make the Basecamp a wonderful place to stay warm, dry and comfortable on your journey.

One of the best things about the Basecamp is that where ever you go, the trailer ads to the scenery instead of detracting from it. This rig is tight and beautiful. It is a living experience to camp and explore in. It's stylish and fully featured. You can camp anywhere and do anything, just about.

Beautiful, compact, comfortable and fully equipped, The Space Ship travels with almost any vehicle and gets into almost any space. Use it for touring national parks or boondocking in a residential neighborhood undisturbed. My wonderful little travel trailer goes on and (light off-road) easily and efficiently. (Please do not take the trailer to overly sandy or overly muddy areas)

This trailer is a 2018 and very clean. It is well made and room in spite of its small size. Plenty of room to bring gear through the back pod door and ample room to stand in and cook with the huge bay windows opened up to your camp site.

Trailer will be fully stocked and ready for adventure. The kitchen has a full set of camping plates, eating and cooking utensils for basic cooking, as well as a spice rack, cups and so forth. I can also supply towels, as well as a number of camping add-ons like a camping table, hammock, backpack, etc.

Trailer hitch should be a 2 5/16 ball size and you can tow with a SUV or Truck. If your hitch receiver is low, you'll want a raised hitch so it won't drag.


Martinez, California


Tel or Text: 650-863-5143

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